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MCA-501 Computer Graphics And Multimedia !

1).Describe Computer Graphics in terms of creation and manipulation of pictures. Quote suitable application of computer graphics wherever needed in the description.

2).How to the following components contribute in an interactive graphics system:
(a) Frame Buffer
(b) Mouse
(c) Display Processor

3).How are the terms Resolution and Persistence defined in the context of CRT monitors? Explain the working of a monochrome and a colored CRT monitors. How is a plasama panel different from a CRT.

4).Compare symmetrical DDA, simple DDA and Bresenham's line drawing algorithms. Use a line with endpoints(2,8) and (8,10) as an example to make the comparison.

5.)Derive the rotation transformation for rotating a point w.r.t. an arbitrary point.

6).Distinguish between tweening and dragging techniques and describe the computation/transformations used if any in these techniques.

7).Transform a square with vertices A(2,0), B(6,0), C(6,6) and D(2,6) to half its size and placed at location such that the centre of square moves to (0,0). What will be the effect of shearing this transformed square with x-shearing factor as 2?

8).What is the difference between a window and viewport? Derive the window-to-viewport transformation of a point P(4,4) inside a circular window of radius 6 and centre (2,2) transformed onto a circular viewport of radius 3 and centre (-1,-1).

9).What do you mean by 3-D modeling of objects? Show how a 3-D cube with each edge of 4 units will be modeled assuming the centre of the cube as the origin of the coordinate system.

10).What are the various Medias that describe a multimedia application? List any three important applications of multimedia and describe the hardware requirements of these applications giving a brief anatomy of each hardware.